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- The Quick Disconnect Coupling & Hydraulic Valve E-Catalog (Electronic Catalog) is a compilation of the Snap-tite Product Line. Product literature has been converted into Adobe Acrobat PDF's (Portable Document Format) for easier load time and universal viewing.

The E-Catalog gives the viewer the capability to view the contents via the Autorun CD or as an installed program on the users system.

Note: Due to IT security issues many companies restrict the downloading of .exe and or .zip files from the internet.
You can either request an E-catalog via Postal Mail or you can download our Compiled Product Literature PDF from the Literature page.

NOTE: For individual Product Literature (PDF) please see the Literature page or specific Product Pages on this website.

Download our entire product
literature in one file!

Download, Install, & Review!

Easy PDF format for
your convenience!

E-Catalog: Latest Version: 5.0* - Released: July, 2009 (* see Step 4, below)


  • CD Autorun capability (Windows only)
  • User-Friendly Interface to specific Product Literature
  • Program Install option
  • Automatic Web Update capability
  • PDF contents for easy viewing
  • Link to Free Adobe Acrobat Reader


By utilizing the Quick Disconnect Coupling & Hydraulic Valve E-Catalog our customers can review up-to-date product details as they become available.

Two formats available (EXE or ZIP)

(Please read installation instructions below before downloading)

E-Catalog Installation
Step 1:
UNINSTALL your present E-Catalog
(if applicable)
Step 2:
Click on "Full Version" button above and SAVE file to harddrive.
Step 3:
Once file has downloaded, Double Click on the
Snap-tite Components Ecatalog.exe
file to install QD&V Ecatalog Version 5.1.5 to your system.
  ** Dial-up users can request a Free QD&V E-catalog CD Version 5.0 via postal mail.

Manually uninstall Version 4 before installing Version 5

Full E-Catalog Installation (.EXE)

Version 5.1.5 (61 MB)

Full E-Catalog Installation (.ZIP)

Version 5.1.5 (61 MB)
Step 4

The above installation files (.EXE & .ZIP) are now compatible with Windows 7 and most 64 bit platforms. Upon installation you will notice that the version indicates 5.1.5. Please run the updater frequently to download future updates.



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